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Indigenouism is an art movement promoting environmental protection campaign by using Indigenous Materials as medium in their artistic creations. It emphasizes more of the aesthetic values than socio-cultural themes for literature, visual arts and other related arts. It also promotes the culture and tradition of every areas more specifically of the remote areas.

Venue: NCCA Art Gallery or CCP, Manila

Featured Artists
Elito "Amangpintor" Circa (Hair and Blood Painter)
Ramon H. Lopez (Rust Painter)
Mark Lawrence Libunao (Garlic Painter)
Maria Hidayah Viray-Newingham (Rice Artist)
Arlee Macapagal (Onion Painter)
Danilo Talplacido (Rice Hull Painter)
Rey Lorenzo (Coconut juice-Tuba Painter)
Dante Enage (Tuba Painter)
Percy Denolo (Mud Artist)
Jordan Mang-osan (Solar Artist)
Patric Palasi (Coffee Painter)
Ella Hipolito (Coffee Painter)
Diane Grace F. Manalastas (Mixed Non Bio-Degradable)
Dennis Silvestre (Narra Painter)
Randell Villanueva
Wiljun Jay Magsino
Percy Denolo
Rhod Gamatan (Betel Nut Painter)

Sponsored by:
Rotary Club, Samahang Makasining (Artist Club)
in cooperation with National Commission for Culture and the Arts

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